A Sticky Alternative for keeping your Food Fresh

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Yes, I wrap my leftovers in cling wrap and my sandwiches in aluminium foil. Yes, I know that cling wrap will take a very long time to breakdown in nature and that if consumed by wild life it has the potential to kill. I also know that aluminium foil leaks potentially harmful toxins linked to altzeimers but what else can I do? Where are the alternatives? I’m time poor and often energy poor and if it is not right in front of me then I will not see it.

Well, apparently our ancestors had it all worked out before us, cloth soaked in bees wax. Yet again we are taken aback by the amazing resources created by the wonderful little bee. What’s better is that you don’t have to go online and spend your hard earned money on this wonderful product. Take some time out and make it yourself, include the kids!

All you need is some unbleached muslin cloth and some raw bees wax. Place your cloth on a baking tray and grate the wax over the cloth. Pop it in the oven and watch the wax melt. Once you are satisfied that all the wax is melted carefully take the cloth out of the oven and smooth the wax over the cloth to make sure the surface is even. Leave to dry.

There, now you have a cloth that you can pop over the leftovers which has the natural stickiness to mould to the bowl. Reuse it to wrap your children sandwiches for school. If it gets stained just wash it under cold water and hang out to dry. If it looses some of its stickiness reapply wax.

Will you take the time to do this? Will I? Let me know if you do! I have attached the link that goes into the process in a little more detail.

DIY Reusable Food Wrap

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