Listening to your Inner Guru

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Listening to your Inner Guru

I have been spending the last couple of days listening to a guru on youtube talk about finding peace. What he says makes a great deal of sense to me. Peace is an inside job, the world may be flipping and flopping around you but if you have some form of inner peace you can be more of an observer and less of a participant.

So far he was making good sense the thing is he kept referring to methods that can be used to ease your inner dialogue and physical body but he never quite got to what it is you actually do. It was at this point that I started to question. This particular guru has several ashrams throughout the world and has released a book on this very topic. Could it be that he is not sharing until we purchase? Is this simply a financial transaction?

I am assuming you would pay to enter one of his ashrams and I know for certain that you have to pay for his book because I bought one! It does beg the question is a true guru one that may withhold information? Promise something but only give you the key once you have given him your hard earned cash?

Sure money does make the world go round and this guru needs to support himself but is not the fundamental nature of a guru to share his teaching without expectation of reward? Is he not a spiritual guide first and foremost? Does he not transcend the trappings of modern living?

My inner guru processed the above and lost a certain amount of respect for said guru. Maybe I am wrong, I will tell you once I read his book ;)

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