Plastic Free July - It's easy to get overwhelmed!

Posted by Lesley Watson on

Yes it is officially the season to be more aware. More aware of how much plastic we use in our day to day life BUT there are so many rules, the guilt can be somewhat overwhelming and may lead to no action at all.

My life motto is, small steps. Small action can lead to greater things but I personally don’t have to achieve everything. We are all now very well educated on the issue of how plastic as a material takes a very long time to degrade in our environment. We are also very well educated on the negative impact the plastic we dispose of has on our wild life. So lets contemplate some small, manageable actions.

1. Take some reusable bags when you go for a food shop BUT don’t beat yourself up if you forget them! Put them in the back of the car so they are readily accessible or hang them from you door so that you remember them on the way out.

2. When shopping hesitate before grabbing the plastic as you contemplate how many carrots you need. There are reusable bags you can bring along instead but if worse comes to worse go loose, pile those carrots in your shopping trolly!

3. Plastic bottles say convenience, yes you can think ahead and bring your stainless steal bottle and give yourself a pat on the back if you do BUT if you really really want that juice right this very minute remember you can recycle it just remember to dispose of the lids as they jam up the recycling process.

Ok, so apparently biodegradable still means plastic is floating around just in smaller pieces, this is where my brain explodes! I don’t have the answer to this one, if in doubt it is better to put it in the bin than flush it, especially those so called disposable wipes.

Remember the motto is, small steps lead to greater things, if you do remember to make a plastic free choice then super BUT if you are consumed in life’s little complexities and it passes you by don’t beat yourself up! The danger is that it all becomes too much and you do nothing, so be kind to yourself and keep up the good work!

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