The Norm?

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Dr Gabor Mate’ has an interesting way of looking at life. The problem, you see is not in you, instead it is in how society responds to you. I love this he has flipped the whole thing upside down.

When he talks about society he is referring to western society in particular. You see according to Dr Mate’ we all live on a scale of behaviours and characteristics, we all have the potential to slide one way or the other but it is connection with the people around us that dictates in which way we slide. I may feel isolated and sad and with no acceptance from those around me I may very well become more sad. It comes down to values.

Our western society values productivity and the accumulation of things. If I am able to slot right in there well then I am acceptable, people will admire me and even wish they had my life. I am flying high but maybe, just maybe I don’t feel fulfilled? Maybe, I become a little sad about this but nobody around me gets it. Maybe I start to side along my scale. So what is the answer? Well according to Dr Mate’ we need to shift our perspective. We are not valuable because we have a large income, a beautiful home, lot’s of shiny new things and what appears to be the perfect life.

We are valuable because we are alive, unique and need to be celebrated. Especially those elements in us that are so very far removed from the norm. Mind blowing, difficult because we have been conditioned from the very beginning by the society we live in. Challenging because others just may not understand. Small steps, smile and generate warmth for that which you do not understand or maybe even fear in others.

Better still smile and generate warmth towards that which you do not understand and may even fear within yourself. Thank you Dr Mate’.

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