Why is Organic better? Cosmetics and Skin care

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Why is Organic better?
Cosmetics and Skin care

So why choose organic skin care and cosmetics over the more commercial alternatives? Organic makes you assume that the ingredients are pure and untainted but at the same time perhaps a little to expensive. Commercial brands are easy to get your hands on, cheaper but may contain some nasty chemicals.

I did a quick survey with my friends on social media to get a fresh perspective and the results are unanimous. Starting with the question, ‘Why is organic better?”

Janet, “ Because what you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body.”

Deborah, “Because I don't want to put anything ON my body that I wouldn't put IN my body....i have also become much more sensitive to things.”

Jeanine, “They most definitely are better. As everything I put on my skin is absorbed into my bloodstream I want to know that no nasty chemicals are been taken in from pesticide sprays to added toxic preservatives. Natural organic all the way.”

So it appears that organic skin care and cosmetics are better because they are healthier for your body. After all your skin is your largest organ and it spends a great deal of it’s time absorbing what you place on it and the atmosphere around it. Why not take some control of this? You may not be able to control the toxic chemicals your skin absorbs through the atmosphere BUT you can control what goes on your skin every day, day in and day out. Let’s face it there is an accumulative effect.

Deborah, “I remember reading many years ago that the average woman ingests 4kg of lipstick/balm products in her lifetime. That's a huge amount!”

Perhaps it is time to question what is in the lipstick you place on your lips maybe once, twice or three times a day. Most commercial cosmetics contain chemicals which may not have been banned just yet but do have a very heavy cloud hanging over them such as aluminium, formaldehydes and alcohol.

Another good point, organic farming excludes the use of chemical pesticides. Thus less run off into our waterways and less damage to the flora and fauna that share this earth.

Janet, “Because what you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body.”

Sharon, “and the ocean too..”

Janet, “Yes, absolutely and in the earth.”

Finally, organic skin care and cosmetics can be quite expensive. Is it worth the money?

Janet, “Fine by me you just choose wisely in what you spend money on. Quality over quantity.”

Deborah, “I don't mind paying more as the products seem to go further anyway.”

In answer to this it appears that quality is definitely better than quantity. Spend a little more and make it last!

So the next time you are considering a purchase for your body take some time to think about the implications not only for you and your health but also for the greater environment. It may pull at the purse strings a little but the benefits will far outweigh the cost.

Thank’s so much to the beautiful ladies who contributed to this blog. Your views are very much appreciated and valued.

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