Weed Burner - Torch for Organic Weed Control LPG Gas - WBK03

Weed Burner - Torch for Organic Weed Control LPG Gas - WBK03

  • $92.00

Consider this popular Weed Burner for the sustainable way to eliminate and kill weeds without toxic chemicals.

Great for driveways, around rockeries, before planting out seedlings, pasture weed control and more.

Control parasite infestations in aviaries and poultry habitats. Also a great tool for starting that burning off pile(check council regulations)

Attach to your gas bottle and use thermal heat to destroy the weed's cell structure as explained below in "Tips for use"

Fast, easy and cheap to run. No more dangerous chemicals to store around the garden shed - safer for children and pets. No more dangerous chemicals leaching into waterways and polluting the environment.

Tips for use:

We have found the weed burner to be most successful with a repeat application.  The first application destroys the cell structure in the leaves forcing the roots to expend extra growth forces for regrowth.  This weakens the root structure.  A repeated application when the new growth is approx 1-2 inches long and the root structure is still weakened and will further weaken and eliminate the plant.

The intense heat will also destroy any surface ungerminated seeds. This is a great way to drastically reduce new weed growth before planting out any garden.

Our Weed Burner comprises of a complete ready to use kit;

  • Handpiece - contoured to fit easily into your hand
  • Adjustable gas flow control on handle - for easy adjustment of flame size
  • Wand/Necktube - 600mm in length 
  • Heavy duty burner with adjustable flame control
  • Adjustable Pilot Control
  • Hose - 2 metres in length, to give you plenty of room to move about.
  • Connects to standard 9kg or 4.5kg LPG barbecue gas bottle(adaptors available for camp stove bottles on request)

This sturdy and effective unit is made from steel in China and with proper care will provide good service to you over many years.



We recommend use by adults only as the heat output is very intense.  Use common sense and caution with use.