Natural Bristle Skin Brush - removable Wooden Handle

Natural Bristle Skin Brush - removable Wooden Handle

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Enhance your skin, circulation and health with Dry Skin Brushing - one of the best things you can do for your skin.

A healthy addition to your daily routine for well being. It only takes a minute or two and may help improve blood and lymph circulation, reduce stretch marks and assist a general skin detox. After a few weeks, take a look, you may be surprised by a visibly improved skin tone, elasticity, colour and vigour.

To gain maximum benefit from dry skin brushing, ensure the brush that you use has a natural fibre bristle. A Plant bristle body brush (such as this one made from Sisal) provides the best exfoliation and stimulation for your skin. They are high quality, long lasting and don’t scratch the skin. For optimal success and ease of use we offer this brush with a detachable handle and unbleached woven hand strap.

How to give yourself a Dry Skin Brush

Best done on dry skin before a shower. Use small circular movements and upward strokes, moving up the legs and arms towards the heart. Remember your back, abdomen, ankles,feet and hands. You will find access easier using our long handled brush that has a detachable handle. Hold the brush head in your hand for the circular movements then attach the handle for those hard to get to back areas. At first you may find your skin a little sensitive, but as the circulation improves, you will notice a pleasant invigorating feeling as you brush your skin.

Follow dry skin brushing with a shower to wash dead skin particles away. A hot and cold shower to open and close skin pores is invigorating and rejuvenating. Wash with a toxin free body wash then follow with a good quality hydrating body oil to nourish and feed the skin, keeping it supple and hydrated to improve the skin’s elasticity.

Why use products full of synthetics and petrochemicals after you have just cleansed your skin from impurities? See our recommendations for quality organic body washes and organic body oils.

How to care for Your Skinbrush

Regularly cleaning your brush will prolong the brush life, optimize brush performance and most importantly, reduce risk of bacterial infection on the skin. Treating your brush to a tea tree oil hydrosol mist spray after each use can assist ongoing brush health and hygiene. A lot of dead skin is sloughed off when dry brushing, so it is essential to wash your brush once a week with warm soapy water and leave in the sun to dry or a well ventilated area.