Weleda Products Guide

Weleda WINS 'Wellbeing Company with Strong Commitment to Suppliers & Ethical Sourcing' award - Green Lifestyle Awards 2012 - Australia
Weleda WINS 'Best Ethical Range' award in the Natural Health magazine Beauty Awards 2012, UK. 

What is Weleda?

Weleda medicine is an extension of conventional medicinal science, rather than an alternative to it.

Weleda was founded in 1921 to develop the medicines required by Anthroposophical doctors working with the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.
For over 80 years, Weleda worldwide has manufactured medicines based on the philosophy that medicine should stimulate our inherent healing tendencies - helping us to help ourselves.
Weleda's holistic approach aims to treat the whole person and re-establish balance, rather than to just suppress symptoms. With this approach, Weleda has developed a wide range of effective natural medicines and luxurious body care products that help bring the body back into balance. our products are produced to modern standards that result in high standards of quality, safety and effectiveness.

How Effective are Weleda Products?

The effectiveness of Weleda products is based on more than 80 years of product development and monitoring. Product formulations are developed by doctors and pharmacists with specialised training in anthroposophic medicine, enabling them to choose the right remedies in the right concentrations for different ailments.

Who are Weleda Products Suitable for ?

Weleda medicines are suitable for all ages, from babies to adults - unless otherwise stated on the label.
Weleda's naturally gentle products make them ideal for babies and Weleda's Mother and Baby range is used and recommended by midwives worldwide.

Weleda Creams:

Weleda medicinal creams are renowned for their high concentration of herbal extracts and the quality of ingredients. Weleda's view is that our skin deserves the finest treatment, as it absorbs and metabolises substances in a similar way to the digestion of food. So we aim to apply the same standards to substances we place on our skin as we apply to the food we eat. Weleda Cream Bases are free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives (including parabens), emulsifying agents and petroleum derivatives.

Weleda Medicines:

Weleda produces many different medicines, from over-the-counter medicines to homeopathic medicines, pharmacy only and prescription only medicines.

Many Weleda Medicines are not currently available in Australia.  If you would like information about specific remedies or medicines, please contact us and we can let you know about availability and possible alternatives.

What makes Weleda products special?

Quality Raw Materials

Only high quality ingredients derived from natural sources are used. The major therapeutic ingredients are herbal and homoeopathic with natural base ingredients which include unbleached beeswax and cold pressed plant oils. Weleda products are free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives (including parabens), and emulsifying agents.

Healthy Growing Conditions

Plants are grown biodynamically or sourced from organic farms wherever possible. Weleda gardens are audited to the official organic/biodynamic 'Demeter' registration standard.

No Genetic Modification

Our policy is to never knowingly use raw materials that contain Genetically Modified materials. Our GM Free aim is no mere marketing ploy; our philosophy means we are committed to helping maintain the delicate balance of nature.

Quality Assurance

Weleda's extensive Quality Assurance system is designed to give you truly natural medicinal care at a quality you can rely on. Testing and checking is conducted throughout the manufacturing process, from raw materials through to the finished product. Weleda New Zealand is a registered pharmaceutical company and is regularly audited by the NZ Ministry of health, complying with the internationally recognised pharmaceutical code of Good Manufacturing Practice.

NATRUE certification

NATRUE is an international organisation that aims to safeguard the highest possible standards for natural and organic skin care and cosmetic products, those meeting their strict criteria can obtain NATRUE certification. All Weleda products carry the NATRUE certification.


Weleda products are naturally fragranced exclusively with pure natural essential oils.

No Animal Testing

Weleda has never carried out or commissioned animal tests on products of ingredients.


Weleda uses recyclable glass or plastic bottles and resin-lined recyclable aluminium tubes.


Active ingredients are clearly listed on the product packaging.

Ecological Integrity

Environmental resources are used efficiently and waste is minimised. Weleda products are free from synthetic ingredients which may produce poisonous by-products in their manufacturing. Weleda packaging is recyclable.