Dr Hauschka Illuminating Powder Loose 5g

Dr Hauschka Illuminating Powder Loose 5g

  • $49.00

Silky smooth and containing precious medicinal plant extracts, this gently lustrous powder cares for your skin and gives it an even glow.

Serene, composed and beautifully accentuated, Create highlights or an overall subtle glow. 

Offering natural radiance and composure for a beautifully accentuated daytime make-up, or a more intensely sophisticated evening look.

Like all Dr Hauschka's products, the Decorative Cosmetics line is formulated with precious medicinal herbs and natural ingredients. Anthyllis, fine Jojoba, Argan and Almond oils, waxes and essential oils moisturise and soothe the skin for a healthy glow.