Dr Hauschka Mascara Intermezzo 6ml

Dr Hauschka Mascara Intermezzo 6ml

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Mascara in black, blue or brown - frames the eye and emphasises the eyelashes. Extract of medicinal herbs Eyebright, Black Tea and Neem leaves soothe the sensitive area around the eyes. Rose wax and Jojoba wax surround each individual lash, protecting and strengthening it.

Dr Hauschka Decorative Cosmetics with Healing Herbs

Natural ingredients and a formular based on high quality plant oils, plant waxes and selected medicinal herbs give rise to exceptional Decorative Cosmetics. The natural make-up nurtures the skin whilst enhancing its appearance.

Mascara blue, black



Mascara brown

Ingredients: Ricinus Communis, Lanolin, Prunus Armeniaca, Athyllis Vulneraria, Cetyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Canellia Cera, Mangifera Indica, Parfum, Linalool* Benzyl Benzonate*, Farnesol*,Limonene*, Geraniol*, Benzyl Salicylate, Cera Flava, Hippophae Rhamnoides, Mica CL 75470, CL77491) *component of natural essential oils.

Each person carries their own beauty within them. Dr Hauschka Decorative Cosmetics work with this inherent beauty and gently enhance the natural features.

Special Features of Dr Hauschka Decorative Cosmetics:

  • contain medicinal herbs grown in our own biodynamic gardens 
  • are free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives 
  • have been tested by dermatologists for skin tolerance