Dr Hauschka Rose Nurturing Bath Essence 100ml - Uplifts the Spirit

Dr Hauschka Rose Nurturing Bath Essence 100ml - Uplifts the Spirit

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How do you feel today? Each new Dr Hauschka aromatherapy bath essence is designed to complement a different mood: refreshing and soothing almond; arresting and invigorating lemon lemongrass; luxurious and harmonising moor lavender; and sensual and smooth rose. Alternatively, customise your bath with your own combination to perfectly suit your mood. 

The composition of fragrance and formulation pamper mind, spirit and body. Essential oils soothe your muscles and mind, envelop your skin and cosset the senses.

Rose water, essential rose oil and extracts of rose petals create a balm for the spirit. This bath essence infuses you with both tranquility and vitality. Harmonises in times of physical and mental stress. Containing almond and avocado oils, the Rose Nurturing Bath Essence gently cares for delicate skin leaving the skin feeling soft and silky. 

Suitable for the whole family. Strengthens sensitive individuals whose restorative powers have been weakened. 

Make your bath extra special. While bathing treat your skin to a soothing facial mask and your hair to the Dr Hauschka Neem Hair Oil to strenghthen hair and encourage its natural shine and managability.

Whilst your skin is still warm from your bath treat it to even more loving care with the Dr Hauschka Body Oils to nurture, nourish and protect the skin for a more radiant and vital you.