Fitted Velcro Nappy Pants - Disana Organic Brushed Cotton

Fitted Velcro Nappy Pants - Disana Organic Brushed Cotton

  • $16.95

These are a favourite - you can't find anything softer to put next to your baby's bottom.

Nothing could be easier - no folding, no ties, no rolling. This practical design has big velcro fasteners and integrated elastic to make fitting a breeze.

Additional Costs apply in increments for larger sizes.

The Disana Nappy System - the natural, organic choice for easy as 1.2.3...

1. Select your Organic Cloth Nappy - 2 options

the popular organic cotton Tie Knitted Nappy - expands as your baby size is all you need and no pins or fasteners.

the gentle soft, easy to use brushed organic Cotton Fitted Nappy with velcro fasteners and elasticized legs.

2. Select your Organic Nappy Booster - 3 options

organic cotton muslin booster
organic brushed cotton booster
raw silk nappy liner to soothe inflammation and nappy rash (can be used in addition to one of the other boosters)
3. Select your Nappy Leakproof cover - optional, but we recommend using a cover especially for heavy wetters

Organic Knitted Wool Pull-up Soaker - comes in 4 sizes and a range of colours - high waisted, soft merino wool with knitted leg bands to stop leaks
Organic Felted Wool Velcro Fitted Soaker - easy to use, with velcro for adjustable sizing.

Microfibre Breathable Velcro Fitted Cover - for when wool can't be used
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