Natural Bristle Wooden Brush and Pumice Stone combo

Natural Bristle Wooden Brush and Pumice Stone combo

  • $6.95

Beautiful feet naturally - this handy brush combines a natural bristle foot and nail brush with a natural pumice stone.

Natural Pumice Stone is one of the best methods to remove the hard skin on feet. Use regularly in the shower, just a few minutes a week to maintain soft, smooth feet and stop that hard skin build up.

Our tips for beautiful feet all year round:

If you suffering from dry, hard, calloused feet, we recommend you combine using the Natural Foot Brush and Pumice Stone with Weleda Heel Balm - a miracle treatment for feet.

To maintain your beautiful feet throughout summer and winter, just spend a few minutes a day in the shower giving your feet the once over. Then apply Weleda Foot Balm to nourish and smooth.

If your nails and cuticles are giving you problems, Dr Hauschka Neem Nail Pen contains the nourishing and healing properties of Neem with a unique applicator tip to push back and treat nail cuticles.

Your at home Spa Treatment for feet in need of some pampering:

Set some time aside where you will not be disturbed, make yourself a cup of your favourite herb tea - our fav at the moment is Organic Rosehip Hibiscus by Hampstead Tea
Fill a large Foot Bowl with warm water, add a teaspoon of Dr Hauschka Sage Bath and swirl around
Take a seat, soak your feet and enjoy your tea and maybe even read a magazine - we recommend a 10 minute soak
Scrub nails with a Natural Nail Brush
Smooth heels and rough spots with a Natural Pumice Stone
Dry Feet and treat cuticles with Dr Hauschka Neem Nail Oil Pen, gently pushing back cuticles with the unique applicator tip
Choose your Foot Balm of choice or tailor your own combination for different areas of the feet - our recommendations include:
Weleda Heel Balm - for dry, hardened heels
Weleda Foot Balm - a cooling, refreshing foot balm for tired feet
Dr Hauschka Fitness Foot Cream - ideal for daily foot care and a stimulating foot massage, especially before sports activities
Dr Hauschka Rosemary Foot Balm - a beautiful combination of essential oil of rosemary and silk powder to provide soothing foot care
Apply your chosen foot balm liberally, treating your feet to a massage while you do. Place a pair of cotton socks on your feet while you allow the balm to nourish and absorb - if you are doing this at night, retire to bed with the socks in place and let the cream work all night.
Your feet will purrrr....they do so much work all day and deserve a little tender loving care....bliss.....