Natural Crystal Deodorant Roll On - Deo Nat 65ml

Natural Crystal Deodorant Roll On - Deo Nat 65ml

  • $5.85

Use like a regular roll-on deodorant.  No need to run under the tap - light weight container makes it great to carry with you.

* Kills odour producing bacteria

* Non allergenic – Will not sting irritate

* Does not stain clothing

* Does not clog pores

* Contains no harmful aluminum

* No Perfumes, preservatives or alcohol

* Lasts up to one year


DEONAT offer personal hygiene solutions that harmonize Thai tradition with modern-day convenience. Uniqueness of DEONAT's products is the extreme concern for using natural alum as the main ingredient of DEONAT body deodorant products which are extremely reliable alternatives to the hazardous synthetic chemical deodorants widely available in the market.

Natural salt rock deodorants, sold in dry crystal form, are an effective natural alternative to antiperspirants for those with allergies or sensitive skin.