Radiance Yoga with Jessie Chapman

  • $24.95

Jessie Chapman, renowned Byron Bay yoga teacher and Australia's bestselling yoga author of four books, introduces her personal dynamic yoga practice in DVD format, filmed on Byron Bay's stunning beaches.

Join Jessie on her Yoga DVD for two 30 minute Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Programs that deeply stretch, cleanse and tone the whole body, relax the mind and promote a deeper sense of inner peace.

Vinyasa Yoga practice means to flow from posture to posture with the breath. Let your breath flow with Jessie's Yoga DVD at home practice.
Designed specifically for beginners,

Radiance Yoga DVD with Jessie Chapman features an Introduction to Yoga Postures section detailing how to do each yoga posture. The two Yoga Programs then follow where Jessie offers many yoga posture variations, allowing you to choose according to your level of flexibility and strength.

DVD Features:

A detailed Introduction to the Yoga Postures

2 x 30 minute Vinyasa Yoga classes suitable for beginners to general

4 x Yoga Therapy Sequences

1 x 5 minute Guided Relaxation Sequence

All with Stunning footage of Byron Bay beaches.

Region 4 DVD (Australia / New Zealand / South America)