Skin Care Tube Wringer - Dr Hauschka

Skin Care Tube Wringer - Dr Hauschka

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Skin Care Tube Wringer / Squeezer perfect for Dr Hauschka, Jurlique and Weleda Products

This is the preferred Tube Wringer used by Dr Hauschka and Jurlique beauty therapists - the perfect gift for the beauty fanatic or budding artist. A must have if you have products in metal tubes.

Have you had enough of wasting expensive products through split tubes? How many hours have you spent to painstakingly cutting open tubes to squeeze the last active morsel from a nearly empty tube?

Well, now you can save time and money by easily emptying skin care, artist paints and tooth paste tubes completely, getting up to 35% more product from each tube. This tube wringer pays for itself many times over and very quickly...

No more mess, no more split tubes, no more wastage of your valuable skin care products.

The tube wringer reduces tube breakages, keeps tubes neater, prevents waste and concentrates contents to keep them softer. Imagine all your tubes squeezed to perfection, neatly lined up on your bathroom shelf...what a sense of satisfaction when you see the results...

Perfect for all of your skin care and cosmetic products, artist paints, toothpaste, glue and many more products. This tube squeezer is designed to be used and designed to be used...very simple, quick and easy to operate.

This handy tool is also ideal for the home/shop/studio/laboratory on tubes containing: oil paints, water colours, acrylics, sealants, adhesives, ointments, cremes, epoxies, glues, cements, caulking compounds, toothpaste etc...

(We have been using the same tube wringer for over four years and it is still going strong. Even our two year old who thinks it is a great toy is unable to damage it!)