Sonett Clothes Washing Liquid (Neutral Range) 2L

Sonett Clothes Washing Liquid (Neutral Range) 2L

  • $27.95

For coloureds and whites made from cotton, linen, hemp and blended fabrics; 30 - 95°C

  • purely vegetable-derived surfactants
  • free of petrochemical ingredients
  • free of fragrances, colouring agents or complexing agents
  • free of preservatives
  • free of enzymescompletely biodegradable

For front and top loaders

A two litre bottle of  Sonett Liquid Detergent is sufficient for 27 washings in soft and medium hard water areas.

Soap from Rape Seed Oil is an active washing substance which embodies all the properties required for the washing process: moistening, loosening and absorbing dirt. The effect of the soap is intensified by the Sugar Surfactant and Coconut-oil Sulphate which also eliminates the formation of calcification normally associated with soap detergents.  By including a vegetable based alcohol, the detergent is kept liquid keeping more of the detergent active, meaning you need less, it is more economical and you save money - great all-round! concentration of the wash-active ingredient.

Modular Washing System

Using Sonetts' unique modular system, washing requirements can be customised depending on the hardness of the water and whiteness required. Every water source and every wash alter the effectiveness of your washing detergent.  Most products put everything into the detergent to make sure all bases are covered so to say; with Sonetts' modular system you can customise your detergent, using only what is really needed in each wash and with your water source.


By allowing you to customise your own detergent, Sonett have avoided the use of anticaking agents, fillers, optical brighteners, phosphates and enzymes found in other products; Saved you money, Saved the Environment and Reduced wear on your clothes.

The Neutral Range for Allergy Sufferers 

The Sonett Neutral Range has been specially developed for allergy sufferers and is completely fragrance free. As with all the Sonett products, the Neutral Range is completely free from petrochemicals, colouring agents, preservatives or enzymes.


Clothes Washing Ingredients: soap from rapeseed oil*, sugar surfactants, coconut oil alcohol sulphate, vegetable alcohol (ethanol), swirled water. *certified organically grown