Sonett Gall Soap 90g- Stain removal assistance

Sonett Gall Soap 90g- Stain removal assistance

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For versatile stain removal

A highly effective agent against stains caused by fruit, blood, ink, ballpoint pens, grass, grease, etc.

Suitable for all white and colourfast textiles made from natural fibres and blended fabrics. Please test the colourfastness of coloured textiles beforehand on a hidden area of the item. 


Wet the bar of gall soap and rub onto the dry fabric, then allow it to take effect for 10 – 15 mins., wash out thoroughly or place the garment directly into the washing machine. Repeat the procedure if necessary. 


Palm oil soap > 30% (ethically produced)

Coconut oil soap 15 - 30%

Bovine gall 5 - 15%

Chlorophyll < 1 % 


SOAP as the active washing substance is obtained by the simple boiling of fats with alkaline solution. Every fatty principle possesses somewhat different washing properties because of its different origin. Coconut oil as a soap principle therefore has particularly good cleaning power, even in harder water. Soap made from palm oil contributes the required hardness and resistance. The two soaps in combination thus form the optimal basis for fully developing the stain removing ability of the GALL substance. 


A tried-and-tested, highly effective, low-cost and unbelievably productive stain remover. 


After use, in the instant reaction with the lime always present in the waste water, SOAP immediately loses its surface-relaxing properties (primary degradation) and is therefore not inimical to any living organisms. The calcium soap is subsequently 100% degraded by microorganisms to carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation). BOVINE GALL, as a pure natural product, is completely degraded in the space of a few days and feeds back into the natural cycle.

SOAP is considered by the OECD to be slightly biodegradable.