Sonett Hand Soap Pump - 300ml

Sonett Hand Soap Pump - 300ml

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A mild, nourishing liquid soap for hand and body. Sourced from organic and natural ingredients by our beloved eco certified organic pioneer company...Sonett.

Gentle, kind, yet effective...for every day use. Select from Rose (warming), Citrus (refreshing), Lavender (calming), Epure (harmonizing), fruity Calendula or Neutral (mild). Available in hand pump sizes or 1 litre refill bottles.

Ingredients: Water (swirled), Olive Oil Soap*, Coconut Oil Soap*, Sugar surfactants*, Vegetable alcohol, Glycerine**, Natural essential oils*, balsamic additives*. * Certified organically grown or collected from wild growing plants 

Rose: Rose gallica*, citrate, natural essential oils of palmarosa*, rose geranium*, lavender* and lemongrass*.

Citrus: natural essential oils of lemongrass oil*

Lavender: natural essential oils of lavender*

Epure: combining the fragrance of the seven plants associated with the planets to balance and harmonize, reminding us of cosmic spiritual connection. Natural essential oils of winter savory*, rhododendron*, pepper*, mint*, cilantro*, clary sage* and  lavender*.

Neutral: Water (swirled), Olive Oil Soap*, Coconut Oil Soap*, Vegetable alcohol, Glycerine** and nothing else. Free of petrochemicals, fragrances, colouring agents, preservatives, enzymes and completely biodegradable.

NEW Calendula : Wonderfully fruity-sweet smelling foam straight from the dispenser makes children enjoy washing their hands. The oils and essentials oils are 100% derived from certified organic cultivation.Very economical in use. 200ml size. Available HERE

Special Features:

  • The oils and essential oils in this hand soap are derived from 100% certified organic cultivation or wild collection.
  • The coconut oil comes from a Fair Trade project in the Dominican Republic.
  • The olive oil is obtained from cooperatives in Spain, Italy and Greece.
  • Suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems
  • Refillable dispenser (with pump)
  • Biodegradable