Sonett Hand Soap Refill 10 litre - Various Scents

  • $221.95

A mild, nourishing liquid soap for hand and body.  Gentle, kind, yet effective...for every day use. Select from Rose (warming), Citrus (refreshing), Lavender (calming), Epure (harmonizing) or Neutral (mild)

Ingredients: Water (swirled), Olive Oil Soap*, Coconut Oil Soap*, Sugar surfactants*, Vegetable alcohol, Glycerine**, Natural essential oils*, balsamic additives*. * Certified organically grown or collected from wild growing plants ** Partly certified organically grown


Special Features:

  • The oils and essential oils in this hand soap are derived from 100% certified organic cultivation or wild collection.
  • The coconut oil comes from a Fair Trade project in the Dominican Republic.
  • The olive oil is obtained from cooperatives in Spain, Italy and Greece.
  • Suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems
  • Use to refill 300ml pump dispenser


  • Soap from vegetable oils has the unrivalled property of forming a compound immediately after use with the lime which is always present in waste water. In this way, the soap neutralizes its own surfactant effect (primary degradation). This primary degradation occurs within a few hours.
  • The calcium soap is then 100% degraded by micro organisms to carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation). ETHANOL is reintegrated into the natural cycle within a few hours.
  • In the manufacturing process of sugar surfactant, constituents are taken from the plant-based raw materials starch, sugar and fat; however, they completely retain their natural structure. It is therefore relatively easy for micro organisms to 100% decompose these surfactants.