Sonett Laundry Washing Liquid for Colours 300ml

Sonett Laundry Washing Liquid for Colours 300ml

  • $10.95

We can't find a more eco conscious and effective range of laundry products!

For front and top loaders

• For all coloured and whites made from cotton, linen, hemp and synthetics. Sugar surfactants and coconut oil alcohol sulphate are the easiest substances to decompose – next to soap – and are gentle to your skin. They work well with all degrees of water hardness, which makes this liquid detergent especially suitable for hard water. This detergent can also be used at cool settings and for dark clothing.

Ingredients: soap from rape seed oil*, sugar surfactants, coconut oil alcohol sulphate, vegetable alcohol (ethanol), natural essential lavender oil*, balsamic additives*, swirled water.

* = certified organically grown, collection from wild growing plants

Modular Washing System

Using Sonetts' unique modular system, washing requirements can be customised depending on the hardness of the water and whiteness required. Every water source and every wash alter the effectiveness of your washing detergent. Most products put everything into the detergent to make sure all bases are covered so to say; with Sonetts' modular system you can customise your detergent, using only what is really needed in each wash and with your water source.

There are three components to a successful wash:

Active Washing Substance: With Sonett you can select from Washing Powder, Washing Liquid, Washing Liquid for Colours, Washing Liquid for Wool and Silk or the Neutral Range of products

Water Softness: Soft water is an absolute requirement for all soap-based detergents. Sonett Water Softener may be added to increase effectiveness in hard water.

Wash Whiteness Level: For extra whiteness, add Sonett Bleach Complex to the wash. Sonett Bleach Complex is a non-petrochemical or chlorine bleach, but an oxygen bleach activated by heat or soaking - equivalent to bleaching washing in sunlight but in the convenience of the washing machine! The nature of bleaching wears out the fabric, each time it is used. By being able to control when to add a bleaching agent, the bleaching effect is applied only when it is really needed - making your clothes last longer.

By allowing you to customise your own detergent, Sonett have avoided the use of anticaking agents, fillers, optical brighteners, phosphates and enzymes found in other products; Saved you money, Saved the Environment and Reduced wear on your clothes.