Sonett Scouring Fluid 500ml

Sonett Scouring Fluid 500ml

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For mild cleaning of stainless steel, enamel, plastics, glass ceramics and fittings.

For stubborn dirt and light limescale deposits, we recommend SONETT CLEANING AGENT powder.



Apply the scouring fluid directly to the surface to be cleaned. Rub in with a damp cloth and then wipe off or rinse with clean water.



Finely milled calcium carbonate > 50%

Coconut oil alcohol sulphate

and sugar surfactants 1 – 5%

Natural essential lavender oil

(contains linalool) < 1% certified organically grown

Natural essential lemongrass oil

(contains citral) < 1% certified organically grown

Water up to 100%



CALCIUM CARBONATE ( CaCO3 ) is one of the most widespread minerals in the earth. In this product, we use calcium carbonate from the limestone deposits of the Swabian Alps. It is mildly abrasive and is the main ingredient in the scouring fluid.

Its cleaning effect is supported by the grease-loosening power of COCONUT OIL ALCOHOL SULPHATE and SUGAR SURFACTANTS. Coconut oil alcohol sulphate is obtained from the conversion of coconut oil with sulphur oxides; sugar surfactants are formed by the combination of coconut oil and sugar types from molasses or starch, catalyzed by the addition of small quantities of acid.



This scouring fluid is extremely mild and gentle. It is free of preservatives. Sufficient durability and a mild antibacterial effect is achieved with the use of the natural lavender-citrus oil mixture.



LIMESTONE FLOUR is a mineral by nature and does not need to be further degraded. In the manufacturing process of COCONUT OIL ALCOHOL SULPHATE and SUGAR SURFACTANTS, constituents are taken from the plant-based raw materials starch, sugar and fat; however, they completely retain their natural structure. It is therefore relatively easy for microorganisms to 100% decompose these surfactants very quickly and completely.

SUGAR SURACTANTS and COCONUT OIL ALCOHOL SULPHATE are considered by the OECD to be slightly biodegradable