Sonett Toilet Cleaner 750ml

Sonett Toilet Cleaner 750ml

  • $8.95

Winner - Bronze medal for Best Homewares Product, Organic Expo Sydney 2010

Finally a eco-friendly toilet cleaner that works to clean and disinfect your toilet - no harsh chemicals, no fake floral odours! Sonett makes cleaning products using biodynamic and organic ingredients that really work.

We love all the Sonett products, but this must be our favourite!

  • essential oils of Cedar and Citronella combine for a fresh aroma and anti-bacterial properties
  • stains, urine and calcifications are removed effectively
  • thick consistency clings to the toilet bowl allowing its full active power to develop
  • suitable for all types of toilets and septic systems
  • free from petrochemical solvents, emulsifiers, silicone oils, enzymes, phosphates, allergenic ingredients, optical colour-brighteners, genetically engineered and peto-chemical raw materials
  • completely biodegradable
  • recyclable packaging

Using Sonett Toilet Cleaner:

  • For normal toilet cleaning, spray the cleaner sparingly under the rim of the bowl and scrub with the brush
  • For stubborn dirt and build-up, allow it to act overnight and rinse out the following day. Repeat the next day if necessary.

Ingredients: Citric acid 5 - 15 %, Coconut oil alcohol sulphate and Sugar surfactants 1 - 5 %, Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 1 - 5 %, Vegetable thickening agent < 1 %, Natural essential oil of cedar and citronella (contains citronellol, geraniol, limonen) < 1 %, Water up to 100%