Sonett Clear Rinse 500ml

Sonett Clear Rinse 500ml

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Suitable for all household dishwashing machines in combination with SONETT DISHWAHSER DETERGENT or SONETT TABLETS FOR DISHWAHSERS and SONETT REGENERATING SALT. The clear rinse is automatically added to the last rinse cycle and prevents lime stains on dishes, cutlery and glasses.

Add SONETT CLEAR RINSE to the rinse aid compartment of the dishwashing machine. The rinse aid compartment should always be kept full. The setting, with a total of 6 steps, should be between 2 and 3 in normal cases.

If a streaky coating forms on the dishes, this means that too much CLEAR RINSE is being added.

If individual isolated white lime stains remain on the dishes, then the dosage of the CLEAR RINSE should be increased.


Vegetable alcohol (ethanol): 15 - 30%

sulphated castor oil: 15 - 30%

Sugar surfactant: 1 - 10%

Water up to 100 % swirled


Ethanol, obtained by the fermentation of starchy plants like potatoes, corn etc. and sulphated castor oil made from direct reaction of castor oil with sulphuric acid, reduce the surface tension of the water during the final rinse cycle and thus produce better runoff of the water from the dishes. Sugar surfactant made from coconut oil and maize starch supports the surface tension reducing effect.


SONETT CLEAR RINSE is a product which achieves great results in dishwashers, purely with ingredients of plant origin, without any petrochemical additions.


ETHANOL also exists in small quantities in nature. It is quickly 100 % biodegradable into carbon dioxide and water if it gets into the waste water.

In the manufacturing process of SUGAR SURFACTANTS, constituents of sugar and fat are connected in such a way that the internal molecular structure remains unchanged. It is therefore easy for microorganisms to decompose these surfactants quickly and completely.

SUGAR SURFACTANTS, VEGETABLE ALCOHOL and SULPHATED CASTOR OIL are classified as readily biodegradable according to OECD guidelines.