Sonett Dish Washing and All-Purpose Cleaner (Neutral Range) 500ml

Sonett Dish Washing and All-Purpose Cleaner (Neutral Range) 500ml

  • $8.75

A great dish washing product for all allergy sufferers. Both economical and effective, completely biodegradable and no nasties.

Use 1 squirt in the dish water or directly onto a damp sponge.

purely vegetable-derived surfactants
completely biodegradable
free of petrochemical ingredients
free of fragrances, colouring agents or complexing agents
free of preservatives
free of enzymes
The Neutral Range for Allergy Sufferers

The Sonett Neutral Range has been specially developed for allergy sufferers and is completely fragrance free. As with all the Sonett products, the Neutral Range is completely free from petrochemicals, colouring agents, preservatives or enzymes.

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Dish Washing/All Purpose Cleaner Ingredients: Coconut oil alcohol sulphate 5 - 15 %, Sugar surfactant 5 - 15 %, Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 0 - 5 %, Water up to 100 % (swirled)