Sonett Window Cleaner / Multi Surface Spray 500ml

Sonett Window Cleaner / Multi Surface Spray 500ml

  • $9.95

Cleans everything made from glass, without leaving streaks: Windows, mirrors, car windscreens, countertops,...

To remove the heavy dirt, first wipe the glass planes with a damp cloth. Wet the surface to be cleaned thoroughly with the spray bottle, wipe and then drag a rubber scraper across the glass.


Ethanol 15 - 30 %

Sugar surfactant and

Coconut oil alcohol sulphate 1 - 5 %

Natural essential lavender oil

(contains linalool) < 1% certified organically grown

Natural essential lemongrass oil

(contains citral) < 1% certified organically grown

Water up to 100%


The starch in maize and potatoes is converted into ETHANOL by fermentation. The concentration of the alcoholic solution of the glass cleaner is selected in such a way that no streaks can arise on the glass surface, and the latter dries quickly. In addition, ethanol helps to eliminate greasy dirt thoroughly.

COCONUT OIL ALCOHOL SULPHATE and SUGAR SURFACTANT, obtained from vegetable starch and coconut oil, help to mop up and loosen dirt.


The glass cleaner also displays very good cleaning power, even on very dirty greasy surfaces, and leaves behind a pleasant, fresh scent in the room.


ETHANOL also exists in small quantities in nature. It is quickly 100% biodegradable into carbon dioxide and water if it gets into the waste water.

In the manufacturing process of SUGAR SURFACTANTS and COCONUT OIL ALCOHOL SULPHATE, constituents of sugar and fat are connected in such a way that the internal molecular structure remains unchanged. It is therefore easy for microorganisms to 100% decompose these surfactants quickly and easily.

SUGAR SURFACTANTS and COCONUT OIL ALCOHOL SULPHATE are considered by the OECD to be slightly biodegradable.