Sphagni Body Oils 50 ml

Sphagni Body Oils 50 ml

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A Sphagni is a Peat Moss and plant oil emulsion used externally to cover the body in a protective cocoon. Combined with the special properties of some of the archetypal plant oils, the sphagnum emulsions help to protect while strengthening life regenerative forces, bringing balance and well being.

Lavender Sphagni is calming and helps to rebalance over activity when everything feels like it is on red-alert and at risk of being overloaded.

Use preventatively before going into an intense situation, helping avoid a situation from becoming too intense.

Lavender is cooling to the upper region (head and nervous system), providing the space for breathing out and gathering back within ones own boundaries.

Hypericum or St John's Wort Sphagni is a beautiful bright red colour, filled with the light of the sun. It brings warmth and movement where there is an abundance of nerve activity. The effects of St John's Wort with anxiety and depression has been well-demonstrated, but is can be used for more physical ailments as well.

It can be used externally when there is a viral infection affecting the nerves as in shingles, cold sores or prickly skin associated with a viral flu.

Hypericum is indicated anywhere there is nerve pain and can be rubbed into the lower back, across the buttocks and down the leg when sciatica causes discomfort.

Rose Sphagni allows the heart to remain open while offering a protective shield to the user. So often when overwhelmed or in uncomfortable and unfamiliar surroundings we close our hearts, withdraw and hunch our shoulders forward in a protective gesture.

Closing off restricts our breathing, rhythmic and circulatory systems, contributing to tension and constriction in the body. Rose offers us an alternative to this closing off, allowing us to stand tall, remain open, take part in and offer valuable contributions to our environment and the situations we find ourselves in.

For children, I liken Rose to being surrounded by a mother's cuddle which they can take with them as they go about their day.

Rose keeps the world at bay and allows you to be who you really are on the inside.

Sandalwood can help balance an over-active or under-active nervous system and bring one back to oneself, bringing one back down to earth, out of the head and out of the cosmos.

Sandalwood can be used when shielding is needed and any of the senses are in a 'hyper', over active or overloaded state and need to be bought back into balance.

It can help stem an abundance of outward flowing energy, redirecting it to inner activity. Sandalwood can also help overcome isolation.

Citri or Lemon Sphagni has cooling and mediating properties.  Its cooling properties will hold back the warmth process, uplifting and bringing balance where an abundance of activity has sapped ones vitality.

To connect to the effect of Citus, recall the taste of the lemon. It draws you back in and contracts providing a boundary and the space needed for readjustment and transition. Cleanses the toubles of everyday life, bringing a 'breath or fresh air'.

Like Rosemary, it is uplifting but without the added 'vroom' that Rosemary's extra warmth brings. Use Citrus in summer to help awaken and revitalise.

Eucalyptus has an affinity for the Rhythmic or Breathing System, and like the Rhythmic System it is balancing and mediating.

Eucalyptus supports the chest and breathing processes and can be used to strengthen these in winter when there is a tendency to colds. It will also help balance an under or over active sense of smell and can be used to decongest when the nasal or sinus passages are congested.

On an inner level, Eucalyptus creates space and 'room to breath', dispelling negativity and helping to restore a positive outlook and sense of renewal.

Eucalyptus is unique in that it is both warming and cooling. First it will engage the expansive, stimulating effect of the warmth process and then the warmth process is withdrawn as a cooling, contraction takes place allowing a harmonising rhythm to take over.

Rosemary will awaken the senses.  It will invite in the warmth process, stimulating an inner strength and uprightness.

Rosemary is indicated whenever there is an under active or 'hypo' sense state. It will switch on or speed up a metabolism or nervous system that is sluggish or slow. Rosemary's warmth will enliven the circulation and get things moving again.

The Sphagni provides a protective boundary, while the Rosemary will engage a dreamy child, feeling safe to come forward, to participate in and meet the world.

Rosemary can have an awakening effect that could be likened to coffee! For the slow starter, it is great to kick start the day, bringing you alertly into the present, upright and ready to go.

What is a Sphagni?

Sphagnis are Peat moss and plant oil emulsions used externally as a moisturiser, to envelop the user in a protective cocoon, helping withstand and protect against outside influences.

Rudolf Steiner spoke of a time when we would need extra protection from external stimulation and outside influences. He suggested that this protection could be provided by Sphagnum or Peat Moss (Solum uliginosum).

In nature, Peat Moss is found in the peat bogs and moors. Here it creates a filter for what is above, in the air, bogs and what is below. Pure crystal clear, vital and energised water is protected by, and found below, the layer of protective moss.

Using a Sphagni allows the skin as a sense organ to be able to delimit boundaries and act as a filter between outer stimulation and inner experiences.

Spaghnum Moss is also known as Moor Extract, Peat Moss, Sphagni or Solum uliginosum.

How to Apply a Sphagni Oil?

The Sphagni Oils can be applied at anytime directly to the skin, but for maximum coverage, apply to a moist body after a bath or shower. The Sphagnis works with the subtle body and only a light covering of the body is required.

When you apply the Sphagni, always use strokes towards the heart, and ensure you cover the entire body, including the back. Etheric strokes can complete the application over the head and face without actually touching these parts.

Work with your intent and use your Sphagni with reverence.

Anthroposophical Medicine

Anthroposophical Medicine, as applied to Naturopathy, is an extension of orthodox naturopathic practice and is based on a comprehensive view of the human being provided by anthroposophical spiritual science.

When applied to health, this view is very detailed and provides an extensive picture of the human being.

Anthroposophically prepared medicines are prescribed for internal or external use.

Internal Anthroposophical Medicines include elixirs, herbal and potentised remedies.

External Anthroposophical Treatments include Sphagnis, Oils, Compresses, Rhythmical Massage and Therapeutic Baths.

Many of the remedies can be used regularly at home for acute illness, first aid and preventative health.

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Ingredients: Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Aqua Spaghni, Lanolin, Wool Alcohol, Ethanol, Sea Weed Extract, Essential Oil. Hand made in small batches by Pennant Hills Pharmacy.