Tie Knitted Nappy - Disana Organic Cotton 3 Pack

Tie Knitted Nappy - Disana Organic Cotton 3 Pack

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Disana - the simple and natural way to use nappies.

Baby's arrival, and their life in this world, should be as comfortable as you can make it.

Everyday things such as clothing - particularly what is worn (and felt) next to the skin are part and parcel of this focus on comfort. In the first years of life this primarily means the baby's nappies. With this in mind, Disana, in collaboration with midwives and children's nurses have developed the 'disana-nappy-set'.

To be healthy, skin must be able to breathe. So it is essential for a nappy to allow air to pass in and out. At the same time, it must adequately absorb moisture.

These qualities are best guaranteed by pure fibres in their natural state. This is why we use only untreated cotton, wool and silk - all easily recognisable in the natural colour of the Disana products.

Disana Knitted Tie Nappy

The knitted nappy is the first product in the Disana-set, offering the child and parent many wonderful advantages.

The Knitted Nappy:

  • is elastic, does not slip and fits snugly. However active your baby, the knitted nappy will stay put !
  • fits all sizes.  One size only, because one is all you need - a great money saver!
  • is very absorbent and hard-wearing, being made from the finest untreated cotton fibres. Even after prolonged use, these essential qualities remain.
  • can be used with or without liners (we recommend with for greater absorbency)
  • is simple to care for: wash in the washing machine, spin or line dry and pull into shape