Weed Burner for Thermal Organic Weed Control - WBK02

Weed Burner for Thermal Organic Weed Control - WBK02

  • $249.00

The sustainable way to eliminate weeds without toxic chemicals.

The WBK 02 is a European made brass unit and is assembled in Australia.

It is essentially a propane torch, the weed burner funnel can be interchanged with other fittings if desired.

Great for driveways, around rockeries, before planting out seedlings.

Attach to your gas bottle and use thermal heat to destroy the weeds cell structure...

Fast and easy to use . No more dangerous chemicals to store around the garden shed - safer for children and pets. No more dangerous chemicals leaching into waterways.

Tips for use:

We have found the weed burner to be most successful with a repeat application. The first application destroys the cell structure in the leaves forcing the roots to expend extra growth forces for regrowth. This weakens the root structure. A repeated application when the new growth is approx 1-2 inches long and the root structure is still weakened will further weaken and eliminate the plant.

The intense heat will destroy any surface ungerminated seeds. This is a great way to drastically reduce new weed growth in before planting out any garden.

This Weed Burner comprises:

Handpiece - contoured to fit easily into your hand
The intensity and force of the flame is regulated by a circular adjuster on top of the wand near the handle rather than a trigger(as in the WBK02)
Wand/Necktube - 1 metre in length to keep you at a safe distance from the flame end and no bending over
Burner end - commercial size flame production.
Hose - 2 metres in length, to give you plenty of room to move about (extension hoses available on request).
Fittings and Assembly - to fit on a standard 9kg or 4.5kg LPG barbecue gas bottle.
We recommend use by Adults only as the heat output is very intense. Use common sense and caution with use.

Made in Europe and assesmbled in Australia.

We also have another Weed Burner availalbe - WBK03 for $92. This weed burner is made in China and offers a cheaper alternative than our Australian Made Burner.