Weleda Pregnancy Stretch Mark Body Massage Oil 100ml

Weleda Pregnancy Stretch Mark Body Massage Oil 100ml

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Helps smooth skin and avoid stretch marks

Pregnancy changes a mother's body, and especially her skin, in various ways. During pregnancy, a mother's skin becomes more sensitive, as her expanding body becomes a protective and supportive shell for the developing child. Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy loosen the connective tissues so the skin can become more elastic. As the baby grows, he/she begins to take up more space within the mother's womb. These natural changes often lead to the development of dry skin. The blood and fluid supplies rise through the inner skin tissues, resulting in an increased tendency toward swelling in the thighs, bottom and breasts. As a result, the skin around these areas is at risk of tearing, leading to the development of stretch marks.

Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil is a pure, natural formula that nourishes the skin, protecting it from dryness. Gentle Almond Oil and Vitamin-E enriched Wheat Germ Oil, along with biodynamic Arnica Extract, help keep the skin, particularly in the stomach and abdomen areas, elastic and firm.

Through regular massage, Pregnancy Body Oil smoothes the skin, avoiding the development of stretch marks on the stomach, thighs, bottom and breasts. Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil can be applied two to three times daily - from the beginning of pregnancy up to three months after birth - with light circular massage movements over the stomach, thighs, bottom and breasts.

A kneading massage is not recommended. If you are unsure of the best way to apply body oils, please consult with your midwife, nurse or doctor.

Please note that oils containing Arnica are only intended for use on intact skin.

Weleda Pregnancy Oil is free from synthetic additives including fragrances, colours or preservatives, and it is made without raw materials derived from mineral oils. Not tested on animals.

Developed in conjunction with doctors and midwives this pure product ranges provides comfort and skin care for a mother before, during and after pregnancy.

Dermatologically tested.