Weleda Rash Relief Cream 36ml - fast relief for rashes

Weleda Rash Relief Cream 36ml - fast relief for rashes

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Effectively treats skin rashes and nappy rash.

A traditional, herbal product for the effective treatment of skin rashes (including nappy rash): soothes, protects and helps heal delicate skin.

Weleda Rash Relief Cream

Versatile product for all rashes due to its' comprehensive formulation - includes 32 active ingredients. recommended for skin rashes, nappy rash and for rashes in those with sensitive skin. Non-steroid base so it can be used long term without thinning the skin.
Effective relief for Nappy Rash and fungal skin conditions (eg athletes foot) due to antifungal and anti bacterial properties
Particularly healing for wet eczema due to therapeutic ingredients and the zinc oxide base

(Adults/Children): Gently apply a small amount to the affected area twice daily, or as directed by your health care professional.

For treatment of nappy rash, apply a liberal amount to the nappy rash at each nappy change after cleansing with Weleda Baby Calendula Oil and/or water.

Use Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream as a natural barrier cream for everyday use after the nappy rash has healed.

If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.

All Weleda Products are free of synthetic fragrances, colours, preservatives and raw materials derived from mineral oils. Product and ingredients not tested on animals