Weleda Shaving Cream 75mls

Weleda Shaving Cream 75mls

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Gently Cares and ProtectsThe skin is a cover that protects the body and mediates between the internal and external environments. It has functions that are essential to life. Life processes within the human being and the rest of nature are interconnected. it is under this principle that Weleda develops its body care products, based on selected substances from nature, in order to support the self-regulating abilities of the skin and to retain its natural balance and health.

All Weleda body care formulations are based upon pure plant oils. Extracted from seeds and fruit ripened in the sunlight, these oils are the result of constructive life processes. Plant oils are more easily absorbed and processed by our bodies, supporting the various functions of the skin.

Weleda Shaving Cream forms a lasting and creamy lather giving a gentle, thorough wet shave. Extract of Viola tricolor, Goat's Milk and Almond Milk care for skin sensitised by the stresses of shaving.

Directions for use: moisten the face and shaving brush with warm water. Apply Shaving Cream to the brush, spread over the face and brush to a foam. Alternatively apply the cream to the hands and work to a foam before applying to the face. After shaving, wash off with water.

The Weleda Shaving Range is free from synthetic additives including fragrances, colours and preservatives, and it is made without raw materials derived from mineral oils. Not tested on animals.