Wishbone Wagon

  • $395.00

Marvel at this fine quality, eco friendly Wishbone heirloom wagon. 

It's 3 in 1! Classic wagon, soap-box racer and foot-to-floor car.

The WISHBONE WAGON is the ultimate gift for treasured children aged 1 to 10 years. Simple to transform, Wishbone Wagon inspires kids to play together for hours of old-time fun.

This wonderful wagon aapts to suit your child's development and their imagination every day. Take a special friend for a ride:install the steering wheel, flip open the hatch and drive your very own "flintstone" car. Grab a helmet, close the hatch and race. Mum and dad you can pull the picnic and little loved one along anytime in the pull along wagon mode.

Transforming Wishbone Wagon between play combinations is so easy and enables more independent play. Wishbone Wagon is another timeless toy from Wishbone that children and parents will love.

Wagon Features

•Push, pull, steer - so much more than a wagon

•Easy no-tool convertibility

• Built to last. Sustainable birch, aluminium and steel construction for outdoor use. 

•Air-filled tires for a smooth ride

•Wishbone Wagon is child's play to transform: with three handle positions for push & pull play, a steer-or-stow steering wheel, and flip-up hatch for foot-to-floor fun.

Weight Capacity
Maximum 50kg